Vocal Descants for 101 Noteworthy Hymns
By Lorna Barker

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                                         Is teaching descants to your sopranos taking too much time in rehearsal? Do
                                         your sopranos fold under pressure when the last verse with descants come around? Dr. Lorna Barker has produced an invaluable resource for church musicians. She has identified several problems found in descant writing for the average soprano and has solved those problems in sensitive and musical ways.
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Sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratutude in your hearts to God.
(Colossians 3:16)
This book's melodies and words are based on the 1982 Episcopal Hymnal, however, it can be adapted to all mainstream Christian denominations. This book is also accompanied by CD piano recordings of each descant, so each soprano (or tenor) can learn the melody before choir practice or Sunday worship.
These descants are lyrical lines that flow and enhance the melody. In many vocal descants, the range is too high for the average church soprano.These descants avoid this problem by not exceeding high G above C. When a hymn phrase repeats, so does the descant phrase making learning much more intuitive. Another problem singers encounter is not being able to find the opening pitch. In each one of these descants, the opening pitch of the descant is the same as the opening or closing melody note.
Vocal Descants for 101 Noteworthy Hymns
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